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FFXI - Fairy Server Community

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5th September 2006

ffxi_seriha7:53am: Some of you may have noticed the finalfantasy11 community that a lot of post on was suddenly deleted. This more or less sums up my conversation with the Mod who had a hissyfit.

Already attempted to contact LJ support in hopes of getting the community restored under new leadership, but I probably won't have anything in my inbox until I get back from work today since the mail went out at about midnight last night.

27th July 2006

jlunar10:19am: no spam, kthxbye.
If you're bored go wangst on myspace or something.

edit: Illiteracy is bad. Please read our House Rules for this community. For certain individuals, please take special note of point 2. Should you have difficulties in comprehending these rules, you're not supposed to post here either. Vent your verbal diarrhea elsewhere.

I really need to install ToAU. And level my WHM. Someday, I'll get to 75... so sad.

10th May 2006

pinkkeith12:11pm: Coming back for the third time
I have such a love/hate relationship with FFXI. I love the game (especially the fairy server) for the friends that I have made and the fun that I have playing the game with them. Yet, I dislike the amount of time that I sink into this game. It really hurts my social life and also affects my performance at work.

My friends from one of the two linkshells I'm on got me to come back. Curse them! I went out just to try to see what blue mage is like and now I'm hooked on it again.

See you around Vana'diel. - PinkFae the Mithra of Windurst

2nd February 2006

ffxi_seriha5:04am: So, who here has Riverne Site B01 access? I want to get a Soboro Sukehiro for my SAM, but this pop NM isn't exactly a push-over. I don't have the pop item, which is apparently a common drop off the clusters in the zone, but if I can gather enough bodies we can either get them before we fight it or I could try to pull some strings and at least get a couple people to help me farm one.

Here's what I know about the fight:
- Triple Attacks.
- Circle of Flames AoE (can be absorbed by Utsusemi).
- Has a Haste buff.
- Can self-destruct 3 times (rumor suggests if you stop all SDs the GKT is a 100% drop).
- Has two hard hitting single-target TP moves (Sling Bomb and Formation Attack).
- Supposedly permanent Blaze Spikes.
- Hits hard.

I've asked a few SAM's in Alla's SAM forum how their group layouts looked and I think the bare minimum group had 9 members. Essentially, only a PLD can comfortably tank this and you're gonna need 2 or 3 to be safe. All melees should sub NIN to keep healing hate down from CoF. If you're a job capable of decent ranged accuracy and damage like NIN, RNG, THF, or SAM, then it's perhaps best you limit yourself to that form of attack to keep TP gain down and MP conservation up. Seems to be weak to fire like all bomb-types. I don't think I've heard anything about enfeebles not sticking, but Paralyze may have some issues. It can be slept, Lullaby lasting 20-30 seconds while Sleep II can last 30 seconds to a minute if Elemental Seal was tacked on. However, it seems to be partially resistant. Allegedly Astral Flow Ifrit spam can knock off 50% or so if its life if you can use him 4 times, so SMNs could prove to be a valuable DD contribution. Naturally, barfira and your typical array of BRD buffs can help.

I wouldn't have a problem doing multiple runs, but this isn't something you can throw a party of SAMs at, heh. ;)

3rd January 2006

ffxi_seriha7:39pm: Hate doing this, but shouting around Jeuno, posting on Alla, and idling online with a search comment up hasn't yielded any progress over the past few days.

In short, I'm looking for Mannequin Hands. If you have them or know someone who does and are willing to part with them, send them my way and we'll work out a deal. They drop off Royal Jelly and a few other BCs if you have any plans to do those in the future. Unfortunately, none ever dropped when I did it.

28th December 2005

ffxi_seriha5:48am: For any that knew her, apparently the player of Tamira was killed in a car accident in early November. She was on my friend's list and I know I hadn't seen her around in quite some time, so finding this out was rather saddening.

In her memory, I plan on holding a little sending off in the cemetary atop the hill in North Gustaberg. If you have any stories you'd like to share about her, I'm sure she'd appreciate the gesture. I plan on beginning at around 10pm Eastern tonight, the 28th. I plan on synthing up some fireworks and handing them out. I may even see if I can get a GM on site to do something special.

She was a nicer person than I am. If I could trade places with her, I would.

8th December 2005

ielixzia9:02pm: World Pass?

I just started playing FFXI again, and was poking around looking for a server - narrowed it down to three. Some of the Fairy linkshells caught my eye and I was wondering if anyone could e-mail/IM me a world pass so I could poke around even more, etc. :)


25th November 2005

ffxi_cengriffin7:16pm: Hi, hi, hi there.
Hey, everyone. Cengriffin's back on Fairy (and back on LJ with a different account)! After taking too many long breaks I'm back and let me tell you, Fairy is where it's at. I've played on both Odin and Cerberus shortly, but even with their more stable economies(?) and possibly more drama-free playerbase I always wanted to come back to Fairy. So, I'll introduce myself again:

My name is Cengriffin, but Cen will do just fine. My main job is [still] 47BLM, and I've been playing [off and on and off again] since a couple months after the NA PC release. My highest craft skill is clothcraft at a mere 22, but if you ever need any lower level stuff made please feel free to /tell me because, well, when I quit a while back I gave all of my gil and equipment away to friends, and none of them play anymore. Actually, I currently have a load of linen cloth I'm looking to sell, so if you or anyone you know is buying it'd be much appreciated if you asked me (edit: that linen cloth sold, but if anyone needs any I'd gladly craft some up, as long as I can get the materials for reasonable prices ><).
I've gone through a dozen linkshells and was always unlucky enough to be invited to small, strange, unorganized ones most of the time, so I probably don't know you or anyone you know in-game.

I guess that's enough; hope to see you all sometime. Don't be a stranger, feel free to send a /tell my way.
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14th November 2005

eatmymithkabobs1:39pm: Heya. Just joined this community, figured I'd say hi and junk. In game, I'm Krisnwo. 62DRG, other junk. Trying to level THF right now cause I'm a little tired of going weeks without any invites. No linkshell, woodworking at 65, and yeah.

Anyone need any help with anything, let me know. I'm pretty helpful most of the time. ^.^ (or if you need a 6th for a pt, and you see me lfp... ^_~)

{Nice to meet you!} {See you again!}

9th November 2005

jlunar1:58pm: run, choco, run!
Hey guys, fusekazuki is right, nothing much happening here, but I'm wondering if anyone was up for chocobo racing tonight?

It's bascially a solo quest you can do, but it's amusing in groups as everyone's trying to race across vanadiel. It takes about 20 mins for a Dragon Chronicles scroll (well, you must complete in 20 mins), and about 30 if peeps want to try for the higher xp scroll, (not reccommended). Since we'll muck each other up if we all run at the same time, I'm thinking we'll leave stables in 30 second intervals. Hopefully enough so we're not running into each other!

but yea, if you're into it, meet me in Port Jeuno, TONIGHT, (wednesday, Nov 9), @ 7pm PST / 10pm EST

{/tell} Kylene
when you're good to go. Plan for an hour and a bit.

28th September 2005

oceandonkey10:52pm: World pass for Fairy?
Can someone please get me a world pass for fairy? I just re-installed the and would like to reutn to my hold server.


13th September 2005

x_zowie_x6:36am: i'm on!
well i'm new to your server. but not to the game. i came to this server because by this point my old character has been deleted and i had some friends on fairy anyway. i've decided to play a hume for the first time *gasp* not really a balance type of guy, but i was sick of playing a taru (seeing as how i did it for 2 years)i tried elvaan blm and i suppose it would be ok after i can use astral rings. but i didn't feel like struggling to 10. so the only choices left where mithra or hume. and well, i totally refuse to be a manthra. so hume it was the choice for me. i like it so far.
Name: Reimaru
Nation: Windurst (best mission storyline ^^)
Job: i'll probably end up going blm/rdm. it's a good combination but i've never used it.
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12th September 2005

x_zowie_x12:08am: < world pass > < can i have it >
< world pass > < can i have it> < elvaan > < black mage > hug < you can have this >

basicly i'm coming back to xi and i want to be on fairy server with some of my friends. i had a 45 whm 35 nin and 35 blm on bahumut server. but feeling that i needed to get away from the screwed up economy i quit xi and started city of heroes. however i was banned from city of heroes today for shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 9-11" and then the entire area of altas (the jueno of that game) proceeded to snap on me. after long arguing a gm finally banned my account ^^; so if you could help me i would greatly appreciate it. thanks ^^
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18th August 2005

jlunar10:24am: Another Otakon shout out
I'll be at Otakon too, though not cosplaying or anything. I'll be in the Artist's alley hawking tOFU, book marks and some prints. I should also have a screen cap print out of me and some LS members, so come say hi and I'll give you some treats! (psst, EXTRA SPESHUL treats for fariy peeps orny... shhh!)

4th July 2005

tamahome4:21pm: Returning to Vana'Diel
Stupid me lost all my old info so I can't salvage my old Mithra, but any kind souls here have a World Pass so I can start anew on Fairy? I loved the community here.

If you get one, please AIM me at ahenson6577, I'd be most appreciative!

3rd July 2005

tambopo3:13pm: WoW
does anyone play World of Warcraft? i saw a pretty positive review of it on TV today and was wondering if it's worth trying.

25th June 2005

arrode10:23pm: Long time no update

Hey all, a while since my last update. Got bored, so I upgraded this LJ account to paid as well.

Ingame has been pretty slow lately. I haven't been playing as much because of he end of my senior year in High School, graduation, etc. Now that all that's over, I'm spending more time in XI leveling my bard. I'm level 64 currently, hoping for 75 by the time I go to college this fall.

LS has been camping Aspidechelone religiously for three months now. From this, we have got a number of Crimson, Dalmatica, and two Koenig. Congrats to everyone who received the gear and serious thanks to Keftenk for being a crazy bastard camping that thing every single day. ♥

ED has attempted Vrtra a few more times, all failures. After the discovery of desynthing that subligar to make the BRD JSE, there seems to be no real reason to go after Vrtra anymore since cashmere cloth is now easily accessable for the mere price of 8million gil and your soul if you full-break it.

24th June 2005

cengriffin6:54pm: Starting again?
Whether this is important or not, I guess it's OK to post because this group isn't all that active anyway...

Simply: Should I start playing FFXI again?

Many times have I quit and reactivated, both on old characters and new ones. I can never play a new one and always go back to my higher level BLM. I love FFXI every minute I'm playing it, even at more unpleasant times. The last time I quit was only because I had no money to pay for the next month because I was also saving up for another thing in real life, but that event has passed and summer is getting me out of school. Also, whether or not this is strange, summer means I am much less involved with my friends. No one bothers to keep in touch with me so I am stuck bored and XI-less.

Other than paying for it, the only drawback is: I have absolutely no gil or equipment. When I quit I gave it all away (to multiple people, but the bulk went to a specific individual) and the person I ended up giving it to, well, won't be returning the favor any time soon. Judging with past experiences in mind I figure I'll have to farm wind crystals every day, all day, for the next week, or something similar, to get enough money for the equipment I need.

Do you support the act of reactivation?
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23rd June 2005

tiggychan4:35pm: ummm hello >.>

I just made a char on fairy last night...figured id say hi...^^;;

She is a mithra...whm lvl 1 of course i made her kinda late last night,so didnt have time to level her just yet, her name is Tiggy an is from sandy if anyone wants to stalk...err i mean say hi to her.

*goes back to hiding*
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12th June 2005

lorelai1:40pm: pic postCollapse )

Done over a couple days w/ photoblue pencil and then .03 pencil (i abhor inking! inking can go die!) A pic for my SPT-duo team RDM who has helped me dig myself out of the 63 rut and has propelled (hurtled, really) me to 68 (well, almost 68) with his {incredibly tough} skillz. I owe him one :x To be colored!

xpost to ffxi general community. :x

8th June 2005

anuyamirei4:41pm: introduction!
Hello! I've never introducted myself so I figured I should.
My name is Seasaidh
Main: whm 41

annnnnd thats about it right now. Finally I'm getting to lvl this weekend my main (white mage) its been on hold since like, January because we've been waiting for people. ;_____;

Well see ya on the flip side sweets!
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30th May 2005

lorelai2:25pm: :(
a pic for a friend~Collapse )

16th May 2005

zoemoonhead12:26pm: ^^ I had TONS of fun over at Joey’s house on Friday! I was able to play FFXI again, so here’s a little recount of what happened!

”FFXICollapse )

12th May 2005

zoemoonhead9:03am: ^^ Hello all! I think I've posted here once before, but, well...^^ That was before I played the game =P NOW, I actually DO have an account! My friend Joey, (Twilights in ffxi) let me create a character! I am officially:

lvl 5 THF
Windurst (Currently E. Sarutaruba)
Fairy server

^^ Feel free to send me a /t any time! ^^ I may be a newb, but I'm eager to learn anything I can, yup!

Anyway, here are some accounts of my first and second times playing as my own character:

XD;; My first time playing FFXI OnlineCollapse )

And a week later...

Second PlayingCollapse )

And just yesterday!Collapse )

^^;; whew! And there's my ffxi post! Lots, huh? XD;; I suck at the game, but I hope to get better soon!
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